incubation temp and humidity for chickens in florida

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Mar 14, 2018
Hi I'm new to incubating can someone give me some advise I live in florida and am getting redding to begin my very first batch. what temp and unity should be my target range?
Thanks so much in advance
1-18 I did 40-45% humidity, on lockdown now and going for 65%. Circulated air incubator temp 99.5°f. I'm in Florida near Okeechobee lake. Locked down in a still air incubator.
Seems to me like you did just fine. Did you candle the eggs at any point? Humidity at 65% for lock down is about right. It will go up as soon as the first hatchling decides to show up, they are very wet. Make sure to keep the humidity up during the hatch and the temp at about 98-99 degs. Some folks here dont put up the humidity until the first pip and then they move it on up to 65 - 70%. Try not to open the incubator during hatch as it lets all the precious humidity out, this is very difficult to do especially as this is a new thing for you. Good luck. Please let us know how it goes.

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