Incubation times and backwards chicks

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    On day 19 one of my eggs piped to the outside and began actively working a whole in the shell. How about 12 hours later two more eggs have started piping that would make it in the day 20 that in and of itself I suppose shouldn't bother me but what does is that two of the eggs the chick is backwards that is this a open the shell up away from the air sac or the narrow end. Now it has knocked a sizable hole in the Shell it is getting fresh air you can see it breathing but it is in the narrow end. How does that happen. I haven't rendered any assistance to getting it out of the egg yet I'm letting it work its way out of it if it can but I don't want to hurt its neck trying to. Why would eggs start to hatch a full two days before they were supposed to that doesn't make any sense cuz the incubator kept a steady 99.6 degrees with 86% humidity.
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    Have you got an independent thermometer as the ones on incubators are notorious for being wrong?

    Sometimes chicks get confused and turn the wrong way to position themselves for hatching. The egg being moved at just the wrong time can be enough to confuse the chick.

    The chick will probably take longer to hatch but most do it by themselves successfully. But skipping the internal pip generally means the chick will sit and wait for as long as it would've taken to internally then externally pip before proceeding.

    Good luck! :fl Let us know how it gets on.
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    No only the digital thermometer , seems to detect slight temperature changes fast. But that chick is up and about doing well. These are supposed to aracana chicks will provide pictures a hatch completes
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    Calibrate your therms before the next hatch.

    Had more than few 'side' pips, was amazed they all made it out on their own...but it did take them longer than the 'air cell pippers'.
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    I agree about calibrating your thermometers before your next hatch. Put it in a bowl of cold water with lots of ice. Wait a few minutes and check it. If you have plenty of solid ice in the bowl, then the temperature should be 32.
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