Jul 22, 2016
Can someine help me out my eggs been on the incubator for 25 days I turned the 3 times a day temperature 38.7 Celsius they are chicken eggs
I have that incubator aswell and it donsnt hatch eggs well because the temperature measurement it wrong, much lower than it reads. Also there is no hydrometer so the humidity is a big guess why is very bad as the humidity needs to be precise to hatch chicken eggs. If I were you I would candle eggs (if you haven't already) to see if the chicks have developed at all (look for a air bubble and the rest of the egg should be completely dark which is the chick. Or you could water test them which people usually do at 25 days. Place the eggs in water and they should float and move a bit. This incubator is very bad so your eggs are probably dead or not developed, sorry. I would recommend getting a new incubator as I did. :(
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