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    Apr 19, 2011
    Hi guys!!!

    its me norris... again.......

    i am thinking of buying hens, though something went into my mind... i could probably hatch one... hehe now i really need an idea on what to do... if in case i go in hatching eggs...

    when i was a kid i saw my uncle making an incubator.. its a large rectangular box filled with bulbs on top... and it is working... eggs are hatching...

    - should i make one too? or buy a real incubator?
    - once the is layed by the hen, how many days it should be before putting into incubator? or can I put it immediately? does that make any difference?
    - how many days should the egg be in the incubator?
    - what is the percentage of hatching a egg in the incubator?

    thanks again..... hope you guys dont get tired of my questions... hehe

  2. gfcm

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    Apr 3, 2011
    Buying or making is purely a personal decision. I made mine, as have many others. Kinda of a cool feeling!

    Here's a sticky link that will answer many of your questions, too.

    You can put the egg in immediately, but really it depends on how many chicks you are wanting to hatch. Most folks save the eggs for up to 1 to 2 weeks. The older they get, the less fertile they are. They will actually be fertile for up to a month after having been with rooster, but the fertility rate drops off as time goes by.

    Hatch rate is determined by many factors. You will have to tweak as you go along due to variables such as your humidity levels/temps both in the room where the incubator is located and inside the incubator. Many people believe these are different based on the elevation of the area in which you live.

    Have fun with hatching, regardless of which way you choose!
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    Mar 23, 2011
    Loudon, New Hampshire
    If I could add a question here please.....gfcm you said you can wait a week or 2 to put them in the bator....what do do with them while you wait?? refrigerator or room temp? keep them cool or more on the warm side? any special way they should be stored?
  4. Keep them cool and turn them couple times a day. Old eggs can hatch but the fresher the egg the more likely they will hatch. I gather eggs for 5-7 days and then set them all at the same time. I have good hatches. [​IMG]

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