Incubator advice for someone just starting out.....

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9 Years
Apr 30, 2010
Southern Tier, NY
OK-I got my first chickens in spring ( 2010), and am having a great time! I am getting eggs from 6 of my older girls. I have one adult rooster, and one juvenile rooster, and a total of 23 other girls of varying ages--all should be old enough to lay by spring 2011.

I am hoping a have one or two broody hens when they are mature, but am also toying with the idea of getting an incubator and hatching some out....

Any advice on what would be a good first incubator for someone who will only ( hopefully) use it to supplement my broodies? At any rate, I know I won't need a state of the art commercial one---just looking for a reliable, easy to use basic model, reasonably priced for the casual user...
Thanks so much for any replies......
I am new to incubating but I bought the GQF Hova-Bator 1602N but the 1588 would have been my first pick. I have only had it 3 weeks and my eggs are due to hatch on the 20th, so I wasted no time putting eggs in it. It is doing well so far.
my lg does great, but most of the time it gets a bad rep. but like everything else, there's good & bad in everything, my lg has never varied over 1 degree, but i put a PC fan in it & it helped tremendously.

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