Incubator crashed - hatch doomed


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Feb 3, 2010
Lyons, Kansas
This year I set up my incubator to try hatching some of my own eggs before I spend money on hatching eggs. I had everything set with acceptable temps and put eggs in last Friday (2-26) and yesterday found that the heating element went out on the incubator. Had to go to barn and get other incubator. Tried to get temperatures stable. This incubator appears to be running hotter and after I put eggs in the temperature spiked above 105 and I think the eggs are goners. I am thinking this hatch just was not to be, but I'll have to try again.
How long was it running 105*? If it is not too long, I think they will be ok. Just candle them and see if they are still alive. Candle again after five days later to see if they have growed or stopped.

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