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    ok i currently have 2 hovabators, a 'standard' model (small windows) with fan and turner, and a picture window version, also with fan, that i use for hatching... hatch rates for local eggs is between 85-95%.

    here's my problem. someone has offered me an older sportsman 1202 for $400, but i would need to upgrade i think, with humidity reservoir and possibly 1 or 2 thermostats, and i think i would want the clear door too. OR do I just get a couple of the new hovabator genesis models with the built in temp/humidity controls? my way of thinking, i can add 2 more incubators and get roughly the same egg counts as the big one, and if i don't need them, they're turned off, while the big one runs 375 watts continuously. (25w on each of the hovabators)
    but i'd need to add turners and a rack to house them on.

    i'm not having any problems with my hovabators, other than the # of eggs that can be accommodated. 42 chicken eggs per, with a full egg turner. and i can't honestly see filling the sportsman (270 eggs) without hubby presenting me with divorce papers. (lol?)

    i still want to hear what others have to say but i think i just talked myself out of it... [​IMG]
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    I use my cabinet incubator to incubate and the hovabator to hatch. I would rather have all of my eggs in one incubator so I don't have to worry about temp and humidity on several incubators. That's just me though. And yes, I have had more eggs in my cabinet bator that could fit in a Hovabator.
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    My old 1202s show 225 watts on the label and the heating element is only in play about 1/3 of the time depending on the ambient room temperature. That's equivalent to a 75 watt light bulb left on 24-7. I do think $400 is kind of high. I got spoiled though when i got my first 1202 six years ago for $75 in like new condition with the clear door and the water reservoir.
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    hi i love the 1202 i have had 3 generations of them and they all are great what color is the one you are looking at? the price is a bit high but not really if you are going to use it allot. the water pan is a Tupperware container and you can but a substitute at walmart for like 3 dollars. or the real thing with humidity pads allover on line. the thermometers are very important but other than that every thing elts is easy going. the clear door is cool but not really kneaded and they are set it and forget it. if you get one you will never go back to the foams. and as long as you have eggs to hatch, it will pay for itself in two settings, with chicken eggs or one with any thing elts. you don't need to set a full incubator or even a full tray i have divided up my hatch so much in the past that if i dident draw a diagram i would have ben lost.i number my trays 123 and ab for tray 1 and so on but also front a or back b. ill put different eggs together duck chicken quail all hatching same day but started different times, or different collections of same eggs on different racks. to space hatching numbers. for instance never hatch more than 50 ducks at one time! i once used all 4 of my incubators and hatched 430 ducks the same day wow not a good idea. but 200 quail no problem 150 chicks easy. its the best incubator ever made in my book. get it it wont let you down. and as for the ones you wont want any more then ebay will bring you top dollar for them at this time of year.electricity well i can understand that but just shut something elts off or go with those curlicue bulbs one contractor pack from home depot will save you twice the wattage for a 20 buck investment good luck hope you get it and love it.

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