Incubator failed...but found chicks at local Feed Store!!!


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10 Years
Oct 9, 2009
Stapleton, AL
Soooo disappointed at the stupid incubator:/ But went Saturday & picked up some 1 week old chicks at the feed store!!
The RIR's I wanted had sold out so I will go back this Saturday for the new shipment. Meanwhile me & hubby got 3 Buff Orpington, 3 blk Jersey Giants, & 2 Jersey roosters. They are so CUTE!, and soft and sweet. The buffs are timid but the Jerseys come right up to me and peck at my hand...especially one little rooster. I peeked in on them one time and saw one lying on it's side looking very heart cramped and leaped until I realized the little sucker was just "basking" in the warmth.

I am re-modeling a child's playhouse for the coup and plan to let them free-range during the day. I love all the ideas & pics on here...they are great...chicken people are great!

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