Incubator for house with unstable temps?

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    I'm hoping to get some suggestions for a 24 (duck) max capacity (maybe less?) incubator that can work well in a house without central air? I try to keep the temp as stable as possible, but when we have outdoor temp swings from 30-70, it's not unusual to have fluctuations of up to 10 degrees inside the house.

    I'm not planning on hatching a whole lot, so was hoping to stay in the ~$150 or less range. This would be my first hatch and I plan on turning by hand.

    Also open to making my own, although I am a little worried about keeping humidity and temp stable in something homemade.

    Really appreciate any suggestions you all may have. I have read through threads and looked at reviews, but I wanted to ask about house temp fluctuations specifically as I would be devastated if I rushed into this and messed up a hatch.
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    May 2, 2015
    You would need a incubator with good insulation and a oversized heater and a auto turner.

    The insulation would assist in stabilizing the temp, The over sized heater will be able to handle the 30 degrees and the turner will avoid having to open the incubator 3 times a day.

    The easiest way would be to find a Styrofoam forced air incubator and upgrade the heater. The harder way unless you enjoy building things would be to build a incubator from a insulated container or a wine cooler. Im not a expert on Styrofoam incubators but some people on here are and maybe they can suggest the best incubator brand that can handle 30 degrees or the easiest to add more power to the heater. The incubator heater controls normally use a relay that is rated a lot higher than the installed heater so it may be possible to add another heater to the relay with out having to do to much work.

    Humidity will be the big problem especially as opening vents to control humidity may be less of a option In a cold room. Do you know the humidity level inside the house?

    just read the original post again. I think you mean that the temp inside the home is only changing by 10 degrees and the outside is 30-70 if that is so whats your normal inside high and low?
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    Whoops! Yes, that's what I meant. Temp in the house is between 65 and 75, depending on what the weather decides to throw at us. I'm quite intrigued by the wine cooler idea, I'll have to look into that!

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