Incubator from Oakes MFG Co tipton


11 Years
Aug 10, 2008
Sylacauga Alabama
I just got an antique Incubator made by Oakes MFG. CO tipton, Ind. It had places for 12 hatching trays. Each tray will hold probably a hundred eggs. It only came with 8 trays and a hatching box with a mesh bottom. It had a wafer thermostat (broken and taken apart). I put a water heater thermostat in it. Going to let it run a few days to check it out. Does any one have any info on this incubator? On know where to get replacement trays? I'm going to clean it up and get it ready for next spring. I can take a few pictures if anyone wants to see it.
I don't have any info on this incubator but I would like to see pictures of it.

How many eggs are you going to put in it when you do them?



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Here are some pics. Its in pretty good shape just a little surface rust, a little sanding and painting should fix it up. Sorry about the junk on top. It also make a pretty good work table
wow! looks really old, but lucky you found it! That might make a great bator once it's fixed up and running!
HI Marauder,
Try Sunny Creek Farms in Minn 218 253 2291.They deal with all model bators and hatchers.They may have a manual for that model.
In N.H.,Tony.

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