Incubator glitch.. Help?

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9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
I have previously used my incubator on 3 batches of quail eggs.. The first time I didn't have any problems, the second time the light would cut off sometimes when it was tapped. And the 3rd time (the eggs never started to develop, they were some of my birds first eggs) the light did this thing where it was only half way on.. It kinda reminds me of the long florescent lights that buzz and don't come on all the way. I just bought some more eggs and they were shipped Today so I am trying to calibrate the temperature and humidity, I replaced the light socket but it still does the same thing. Just not all the time.

You can see my set up in this picture

What do you think the problem is?
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Your incubator setup looks like mine (almost) and I had the same problem after I loaned my incubator to someone to hatch duck eggs and they changed the temp for their hatch. I also noticed if I buy the cheaper bulbs I seem to have the same problem. I had to make a few slight thermostat adjustments and finally got the problem to stop.
Nothing I tried worked.. I replaced it Today and it looks good so far. I remembered that I dropped the other thermostat on concrete at lowes when I was about to buy it. I guess that might have messed it up

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