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9 Years
Jul 19, 2010
Laurel Montana
Got the Hova-bator 1602 decided to start it up to see how it heats up. When it plugged in the little red light went on then after a few minutes off the wafer felt does the light go off then go on when it stabalizes or is it always suppose to be lit
It should come on to let you know that the thermostat has kicked on and it's heating the incubator. It turns off when the element kicks off. When your temp is perfect with no fluctuations, it should flicker (mind you this rarely happens consistently, unless it's in a COMPLETELY draftless room).
how long does it take to bring the temperature up. So it will kick on and off to bring the temp up? I'm sorry I'm paranoid
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I am not familiar with the 1602 specifically, however for us, when using a foam bator we give it 24 hours to stabilize. Then we address temperature, vey small changes in the setting, allowing couple of hours for stabilizing each adjustment.

Try not to pay too much attention to the light, it can mislead you.

Good luck.
you'll know if the temp is stable by using the thermometer that came with it... i also suggest you go buy one of the digital hygrometer/thermometers from walmart ... and monitor both.. when we got our 1602 it didnt kick on like it was supposed to.. one easy call to the manufacturer and we were all set...

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