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    I am on day 21 and have 12 eggs in the incubator. I candled but am not sure what I was looking for, so just kept all of them in there. Could embryos be dead and there is NO bad smell?
    Basically, only some eggs did I see some movement. Some where just dark with a large air bubble. Please let me know what are signs that the embryo is dead.

    Also, how do I get up my humidity. It's been around 40% and I have water and a wet sponge in there. Every time I open to add water, humidity just goes down, so I don't want to mess with it too much.
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    I usually only throw out eggs that are obviously clear and then sometimes I don't even do that. Most eggs won't smell in the amount of time it takes them to incubate and I'd rather not risk throwing out a chick. A large or really lopsided air bubble is usually ok. I don't incubate mine unless there is a problem with the mom not wanting to or being unable to protect her on the nest so by the time I set them some are pretty old and I get about 50% to hatch. I think that's about average. I've never worried about humidity. If you have sponges and water I'm sure it's high enough.
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    I usually candle at 1 week. By that time you can see the red veins but at 21 days you should not be able to see through the egg. if u candle it and its dark there a chick inside. if you can still see through its infertile. usually the infertile eggs are the ones that rot but it will take a while for them to get bad and bust so you should be good during incubation time
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