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    So I have gotten my incubator and I have a few question.

    Firstly it is a JN106 and the instructions say it is suggested to place the incubator in the foam and packing box to keep warm and save electricity and it is good for even temperature.
    Those of you that have used an incubator before, do you do this or will it be fine outside of the box?

    One thing that is concerning me is that the water container to apparently control the humidity sticks out a little so air can get into the bottom of the incubator. [​IMG]

    I am too scared to push it too far in as I did that when it had no water in it and it went all the way in and it was hard getting back out [​IMG]

    It doesn't come with anything to measure humidity, just says to check water level in container every 2-3 days.
    Is this safe or should I get something to measure humidity level? Not that I know what I'm looking for LOL

    BTW, I will posting this in the proper area also [​IMG]
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    I would definitely get something to check the humidity with! There are too many other factors that effect humidity, like the temperatures where you live & how much humidity your area gets, plus how much you use the air conditioner or heater to cool or heat your house.

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