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9 Years
Jan 28, 2010
What is the best model to use? I was given some b-day money and would like to purchase a new incubator. I looked at the local farm and fleet but they only had one to choose from and it didn't have an egg turner or a fan.

I was given an Older incubator, which does get hot but I have no way of regulating the humidity or the air flow and didn't have an egg turner either- i've found I am not as reliable as I thought in turning the eggs.. Tried to hatch eggs in it last november had it was not successful.

Thanks for the help!
I also vote for the Brinsea Eco 20. Check the Brinsea website--from time to time they have special sale pricing. My first try at incubating was with a borrowed styrofoam incubator--still air, no auto-turner. It was not a good experience. Then last spring I built an incubator from a Coleman cooler. It worked pretty well, but needed a lot of babysitting to keep the temp correct. But I bought the Brinsea Eco 20 last spring and it is amazing. It is easy to operate. I got the auto-turn cradle. The Brinsea keeps perfect temperatures. My first hatch in it last spring, all 24 eggs hatched. I have eggs in it right now, due to hatch on Mar. 14th.
Seriously, check out the Brinsea.
Well, I think it's going to depend on your budget. There are $40 incubators, and $800 incubators, and several good choices at each price point. If you post how much you'd like to spend, you're more likely to get recommendations better tailored to you.
I have a Brower Top Hatch, recommended to me by another on here. What I like is that it is self-regulating as far as temp goes. It's also very quiet even though it's forced air. It is larger than expected, it can hold up to 40 eggs. I'm new at this yet. I'll let you know March 27-ish my hatching percentage, although I do have a lazy rooster so I'm not sure if he's made rounds to all the hens
I have a 1588 Genesis with an auto turner with 42 capacity. I got it from Sure Hatch I think and it was about $180 with shipping. Yes it is styrafoam but for a hobby hatcher it is great. The whole top is glass. I am sure there is others that are better but that's what I use.

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