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    I am considering purchasing an incubator when selecting a size is it better to fill it and be at max capacity or is it like a coop always buy bigger than currently think you need. Personally I will be using it to hatch a few chicks for myself, but where I work, the company is entertaining the offer for me to oversee, the hatching of chicks in our store for spring. Offering a selection of chicks other than the standard hatcheryones. There is no low end budget. My company will be picking up the bill. I'm looking for suggestions. Sometimes work can be fun.
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    Get the larger size that you need. You can hatch just a few eggs in a big incubator, but each obviously has its upper limit.

    There is one advantage I am aware of to having an incubator full. The larger thermal mass in there helps keep the temperatures stable. You are less likely to get big temperature swings and, if the power goes off or you get a spike, the change in the interior of the eggs is not as fast so you have more time to react.

    The way around this. When you only incubate a few, add ziploc bags of water to increase the thermal mass.
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    I have a GQF Sportsman. I love it. It is a few yeas old but still works great.

    Don't pay attention to the thermometer as I had just put some eggs in. This incubator holds a steady 99.5ยบ.
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    Quote:Darn you cmom, I am SO JEALOUS of your set-up, I seriously try to be a good girl, but every time you post pictures of your brooder and incubator, I just start coveting like a maniac!
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    Umm Well I have a 108 Egg incubator that is always full. If you know you may get addicted buy an incubator that will only hatch as many chicks as you may need..... It's breeding season here and I have over 50 chicks outside (5 weeks) and about 30 in the brooder.... Trust me once you start you cant stop![​IMG]

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