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I have two cheaper incubators, one is a Hova Bator auto egg turner with Thermostat control and the other is Little Giant Egg Turner. The problem is I thought that my temp was right on until I bought two one for each incubator Sper Scientific temp/hum. sensor. I found out that the temp isn't right on 99.5 as the thermometer gage indicated. The Little Giant is a little more accurate where the temp will stay on target but throughout the day it will drop or rise a full degree or more. Where the Hova Bator will "all the time" range from 10 to 15 points on the thermometer. It will go from like 99.0 to 100.8 up and down and no matter how I turn the wafer up or down to regulate it the upper temp don't move much but the lower temp does go down. Not till you make a large movement will the upper temp go down. I thought the Hova Bator would be more accurate or is there something wrong. I was wondering why I was loosing so many eggs.

Unless it is a still air incubator your temps are fine. It can range from 99 to 101. Just don't let it stay at 101 for long, that is where I drawl the line and watch it. Good luck.
one is a still air and the other one is a fan circulating air. The Hova is the circulating air. It has the most range in temp. It is the better of the two and it seems to be the worst? Its temp goes from 99.2 to 100.8 at times. I am doing Pheasant and Quail at this time and the last time I had a poor outcome with fair in Quail and bad in Pheasant. Is there any way to make these work more efficient?
Your still air should be on 101* There may be something wrong with your hova-bator. Check all around for cracks. You can also put one plug in and see if that doesn't help. But if it is just ranging between 99 and 100.8 you don't have a problem with the hova- bator. Hang in there.
I noticed that when I put water in there and I make sure that it is at 99.5 that the temp goes up like crazy to 101 or there about. The hum. goes down after about a day or so. I now have the problem of no room to add water and the Hum. will go down and the incubator don't heat the water enough to evaporate it to maintain hum levels. Will a sponge help that problem or not? Anyone<>

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