incubator temp is irregular..

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9 Years
Aug 14, 2010
ok I have a problem with the temperature in my incubator. I keep turning it up but it keeps showing 99 degrees. It has even went down. I need to put the eggs in but I can't regulate it. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?
Yes, it is a homemade GNC type. The kind with 5 shelves and a water shelf in front of the fans on the top. I kept trying to turn it up to get it to 101 degrees but it went up and came back down to 98. I thought that was odd. The more I messed with it the further from 99 degree it got. I finally turned the thing around once and it went up to 102. So I turned it down a little and it is back to 99. I am just afraid it might drop down lower than that. IF it does will I loose them?
Ok that helps, for my incubation I run my temps at 99.5 You can have loses if your temps keep going up and down. sorry I can't be more help but if I were having this problem I would pick the 99 setting and hope for the best.
The 99 degrees sounds fine. I am guessing you are using a wafer thermostat.

Sounds to me like you just have to get in touch with your thermostat. Usually about 1/4 of a turn for me is about a degree higher or lower than what it is at the moment.

The 101 that you were persistent in getting isn't what need for incubating most poultry eggs. You need 99 degrees in a forced air incubator, (incubator with a fan).
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