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    Aug 7, 2012
    I used an incubator i built to hatch eggs i got from ebay.I had just over a fifty percent hatch rate and had never done this before.
    I got most of my ideas here and at a site called,confederate money farm water heater thermostat incubator.This site had good info on incubator heater use,the best i had found.
    So i used an meat shipment box,computer fan,a ceramic light socket with a forty watt light.Four bricks to hold up the hardware cloth and to serve as something to suck up and radiate heat.I had bought a digital thermometer with a humidity reader.
    It worked preety good,the thermostat was almost touching the light,about one finger width away.Humidity was always an issue,i think in the future ill leave the water out and away until a few days before the hatch.
    I did mark the eggs and turn them by hand a few times in 24 hours,right when i got up,during the day once or twice and right before going to bed.
    Im probly picking the worst time of the year for it,but soon ill do this again with quail eggs and mabe some chicken eggs.Ill build a smaller box this time.most likely anouther cooler box well be used.
    My bantams have started laying eggs and ive got one that seems to want to stay on some fake eggs,so my quail eggs well go to three incubators,i think the one i make should at least hatch out a few.Ill see.Ill try to post an update on how it all works out.
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    Fifty percent hatch rate is considered pretty good on eggs that have been mailed. I know that is the best rate I've ever gotten on mailed eggs and I've hatched them at least 6 times now. Worst was zero. I too have an old cooler incubator I made from that same fella's directions. I keep the link to it in my sig.

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