Incubator up & running in advance of eggs arrival


8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
So glad I decided to start it up early, what a pain lol. It has been on for over 5 hours now, the temps on the digital, old school & incubator thermometers are closer now 98.6 (digital), 99 (bator) and 99 (old school). I know it's still low but I'm adjusting every 15-20 mins, it has been as high as 106 and as low as 96. The humidity readings are all over the place though 40% (digital), 74% (bator) & 68% (old school). I don't know which to trust there & they are so far off I'm afraid it is such a difference it could hurt the chicks either way. I've been reading other threads and I'm going to steal the food coloring in the water idea so I can see the water. I'm going to use pennies in the bator, but how many do I need? I know they have to be older than 1985 and I've got about 20 in there now. I also really want to use the syringe for adding water (Sally Sunshine's hatching 101), I'm just wondering if I need to drill out the hole for the tubing or is there another way. I was reading while playing with the baby so if it gives details I may have missed it, I will read it more thuroughly when he finally naps lol. Any advice, tips, tricks are greatly appreciated. :D
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