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    Dec 25, 2012
    We are building our own incubator. Have looked at and read many articles, which all have been very helpful. Our only concern at this time is how much ventilation is required. The incubator will hold 18 eggs, and the temperature and humidity will be controlled. Several places talk about having a hole or holes at the top and bottom for fresh air. --- “Q” How much air? How large of holes. Same questions for the different time periods from start of hatch to removing the chicks when finished. What works for you, and how do you do it? TNX
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    we have a cooler bator we made.... there are three holes on EACH lard side of the bottom about 1/4 " in size and then the same around the top and then we added two 1/2 inch holes on each end, one is close to our fan unit to help add fresh air, BUT NOT directly behind the fan... please refer to

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