Nov 7, 2015
I have 2 little giant incubators,no matter what ive done wrong the eggs always hatch,they are still air,i keep temps 99.6 to 100 don't worry much about humity cause I have different weeks mixed in.Any way, I'm on my last hatch.I went in room the other night,and the led was dim and wouldn't do anything.I had the 2nd incubator empty so I swapped tops.Next morning I checked on it and removed 3 chicks.I went to increase temp,hit up button and it would only go down,both buttons.I called miller,and he is sending me two more controls.He says they have made improvements to the Humity sensor.As good as these work I still want a gennis 1588 with quail rails.Forgive my spelling.
Its sure not skill,I haven't done this for 50 years.I think what helps me is I'm retired and keep a constant watch of temp.I hatched out 7 today,have a few more that should hatch in a few days,then I'm finished for the winter.I have hatched over 70 birds with 2 females.I need to sell some now. My 30 chuckars only laid a couple eggs they are still not mature, Anyway thanks I had about 5 weeks of eggs mixed up.

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