Indian Runner Duck Gender??

Jun 13, 2022

I rescued 2 Indian runner ducks about a week ago and have been learning about them since, they were sprung upon me quite quickly so have been adjusting owning them. What I am wondering, is what gender they are. Ive read many posts and information about how to tell the gender but I still feel so lost. I was hoping to intergrate them with my chickens but worried incase they are both males. We were told that they were about 9 weeks old so about 10 weeks now and cant see any obvious signs of genders. I am not sure when you can tell their genders and I am not sure if they are the age they said they was. There is no curled feather on their tails (may be too soon to tell) but they both arent quacking properly yet, its a very high pitch/whilstle quack but doesnt sound raspy either. Does anyone know when their quacks are suppose to develop?? Ive also included a photo on this as some people said I can tell by the colours of their feathers but I cant find the name of their colour either. If anyone has any ideas then that would be great 😊


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You should be hearing quacks by now. Pick each up separately and walk away from the other one sometimes that gets them going. They sure are beautiful
Hello, thank you for responding! Ive given that a go and they sure do get annoyed when I do this but its still a peeping type noise, doesnt sound male or female after listening to the you tube videos, I have no clue what to think. Do you know if their colours make a difference to gender at all??😊
Around 12 weeks you may begin to see a drake feather. But other than that really other than voices and an egg eventually no way of knowing. My Runner drake is taller than his Runner females. There is vent sexing but I'd never try it they can be injured if it isn't done right.

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