Indian Runner duck with warts on feet

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    Mar 17, 2011
    I have a crested Indian Runner duck that's always been a bit 'special needs'. She has balance issues and tends to topple over when walking/running -- has done so out of the egg. Today I was righting her and noticed that she has several wart like objects on the bottoms of both feet. They are *not* swollen with a plug in the middle, but look more cracked and warty than anything else. They are along her toes and on the tips of a couple toes.

    Anyone with thoughts on whether this is something I should treat? I'm wondering if they could be contributing to her "tippyness", or if they are a result of the tippyness. The ducks are not kept on a hard surface and generally run around the very large grassy yard all day, with a dip in a makeshift pond (she doesn't get in the pond though, not without help from me).

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