Indian runners in coop with buff Orpington


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Aug 21, 2011
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I've always loved Indian runner ducks and my kids have always ran to see them
at the fall fair. We have been thinking of getting one or two to live with our chickens.
Are there any problems with them living together. I've heard the ducks can eat layer feed.
Is this a good combination or will it be problamatic. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
I have runners and love them. don't get just one, it will be lonely without other ducks. I would recommend a minimum of 3-4. they are amazingly fun to watch and lay eggs more often than many chicken breeds do.

Remember that runners can't fly, so if there is a ramp to get in and out of the chicken coop they may have problems with that. They will also need someplace on the ground to sleep at night as they don't roost.

Before getting ducks please realize they are dirty. and I mean nasty dirty. they will foul the water very quickly. they need a pool of some sort or a pond to splash in. this can be a problem for the chickens as they can drown if its too deep. If you use a kiddie pool, you will need to change it every 2 days or so. This isn't too bad in the summer, but can be a problem in the winter. And it will be nasty stinky when you dump it. Don't want to discourage you from getting runners, I just want you to know what you'd be dealing with. I don't think I would have my runners if I wasn't able to free range them.
i have 9 different breeds of ducks currently, Indian runner being my favorite.....but to answer your question mine get along great i even have a blue indian runner hen that shares a nesting box with one of my blue splash ameraucanas.......they lay their eggs together

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