Indoor California/Valley Quail enclosure

Have you ever had California quail? Cali's, Gambel's or any of the new worlds can be quite flighty. I would be concerned about them flushing straight up in the pen you want to use..... I have lost several new worlds and chukar to this. As they hit the top they can break their neck. My second concern would be the size of the door. California quail are fast! I fear escapees may be a issue. If I were going to use this pen and wanted it to be natural looking. I would find a nice pine tree that needed just a bit of trimming. I find that small branches, about half again longer than the pen is wide work perfectly.... The point is to bend the branches into place so they hold themselves into place. The needles hold for a long time. If you bend them in place about midway up the sides of your pen. They will prevent the birds from hitting the top. Birds will also be alot more calm with this as cover. I like to have enough in place the birds can actually hide in. Good luck. Bill
Fat Daddy X2 I don't think this tiny enclosure is big enough or high enough for California Quail. They need a lot more room, they flush up easily, are very nervous flighty birds. You can't handle them at all.

Californias need at least 4 square feet per bird, they are kept in pairs and need to have brush piles to hide in and around, an enclosure for inclement weather and need a 6+ foot ceiling in all aviary style set ups to keep them from flushing into the ceiling and breaking their necks.

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