indoor duck

Ryan Hill

May 15, 2015
Hi im am thinking of getting two female pekin, or mallard ducks and i will be moving to washington state. i would like to keep my ducks indoors. where do they sleep at. i don't want to get a coop. so i need help on how to set up an indoor house for them. thank you
Drop in on the Call Ducks Finally Hatched thread, or Da Cute and Cuddly Call Duck thread - a number of people there have indoor ducks.

From what I remember reading, some folks use things like pop-up laundry baskets, or little dog tents for the ducks' crate, some have diaper harnesses for letting the ducks run around a bit more. Some cover their living room floor in an old sheet . . . many ways to sort it out. Some ducks sleep in a box beside the bed.
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Ooooh, where in Washington? I'm just north of Seattle! I use a plastic laundry bin for my Wobbles to sleep in, but he's a call duck so he's about a quarter the size of a Peke. They stay in my bedroom, and wear diapers during the day.

This is so exciting! We have a whole thread dedicated to house ducks, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

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