Inducing broodyness


9 Years
May 2, 2012
Last spring/summer it seemed like I had a broody hen all the time.

Now that I want to raise some chicks, none of my hens has gone broody yet.

Is there a way to entice hens to go broody?
I think most people will tell you there is not. I have read rare accounts of doing it by locking them in a dark place for a few days, though.

If that hen is still in your flock, chances are she will go broody again. Or you could get a "broody breed" such as
Old English Game Hen, Kraienkoppe, Silkies and some other game breeds such as Malay.
I was hoping that lighting or food/water or something could be used to induce broodyness. Of course last year when I just wanted them to lay eggs it seemed like there was always one going broody on my, I feel that I had to use my broody breaker cage many times.

Now that I'm wanting one to go broody so I had let her hatch some eggs, no one is going broody. DOH!

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