Inexpensive Coop/Run Ideas, please!!

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    May 10, 2012
    Wow, so, long time no see, BYC!! Good to be back!

    Anywho, I am watching 12 just-hatched chicks for my neighbor. I'll have them for anywhere from 2-10 weeks. Right now, they're in a massive 100 (or maybe 200...I just know that it's huge!) water tin in a trailer closet. They have two heat lamps, water and feed 24/7, and they all seem very happy.

    I'm just worried about 3 weeks from now, when they're as big as Nerf footballs. They're not gonna fit in there! Problem is, I have an incredibly limited budget for them. We're not getting paid for watching them.....Our payment is all the free eggs we want, which is great, but raising them is expensive!

    We do have random supplies lying around. We have a big roll of chicken wire, a slim roll of wire mesh, different sizes of wood, unlimited screws and nails, perhaps a tarp, etc. That's another thing. I don't want to keep the poor things cooped up their entire life. They need to be able to roam, but they WILL get eaten if allowed to roam free. I have very protective drakes, we have 6 dogs, and raccoons, skunks, hawks, etc. are always roaming around.

    What suggestions do you guys have for an inexpensive coop? I would appreciate pictures of budget-friendly coops that you've built!
  2. CARDBOARD. Cardboard is FREE almost everywhere.

    Roll the cardboard tightly in 4' lengths (or whatever your chicken wire width is) and tape to create pillars. Staple or zip tie the chicken wire you already have to the cardboard pillars. This can be done to be aesthetically pleasing if you take your time. Use the pillars (cardboard) as supports to make a run. Put wire on top if you have enough. Then using more free cardboard make a 5 sided box with a lip on top and bottom of 6th side. Throw some wood chips in the box/coop and voila. Thick cardboard will stand up to the rain for a good while if put together right. But overall this is a "temporary" inexpensive coop and run idea.

    I usually will spend anywhere from $350 to $1000 in materials for a nice coop. But this is about being frugal.

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