Infectious Bronchitis Vaccination Questions

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    Ok, so I have a slightly technical question. I am new to chickens btw. Back in August I picked up some new chickens from a swap meet. I made the mistake of not quarantining them. (Remember the newbie part.) Well my chickens ended up getting Infectious Bronchitis. They were not officially diagnosed since that would have cost me $500 around here. After doing some reading it says I need to have a closed coop for a year. My question is, if I vaccinate new babies that I buy from a local hatchery will this protect them? And if I can vaccinate them what is the directions for doing this? Thank You!
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    It looks like you would have to keep the two groups separate for quite a while, as the vaccine is given in three doses so I assume protection is incomplete until they are at the point of that last dose which is around the three month mark.

    It shouldn't be that much to get one of your birds tested. Here are the fees for your states animal health lab:

    Here in Maryland you can bring a (dead) backyard bird and they will do an exam and the tests the vet deems necessary for only $12.

    I would contact them and see if its possible for them to do the tests directly (and on a live bird), if you happen to have a location near you (Jefferson or Springfield).
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