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    Greetings, my fellow chicken maniacs. I have question for all of you American Standard of Perfection fans and all of my fellow Cornish freaks. It involves what color varieties have been admitted into the Standard and what are the most popular. Can anyone tell me if the following color varieties (S for Standard Size and B for Bantam) are listed in the ASP?

    1. Buff Cornish (S and B)
    2. Blue Cornish (B)
    3. Spangled Cornish (B)
    4. Blue-laced Red Cornish (B)

    Out of these (or any of the other color varieties), which attracts the most attention at a poultry show? I seem to recall reading that Dark and White-laced Red Cornishes are the "in thing" now, but I like the Buff Standard Size Cornishes and the Blue-laced Red Banty Cornishes. Any info on these topics or any tips in breeding/showing this excellent breed would be appreciated.

    BTW, to the amateur, I'm not talking about Cornish-x-Rock cross meatbirds here. I'm talking about the breed formerly known as "the Indian Game", which originated in Cornwall, England.

    Thanks, and God bless! [​IMG]
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    Quote:You can look that up on the APA and ABA websites... But I do not believe any of them have been standardized yet.

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    Quote:The APA recognizes Buff in large fowl & bantam, Spangled in bantam & Blue Laced Red in bantam. The ABA recognizes all the bantam varieties you have listed.
    White Laced Red & Dark Cornish are more likely to be found with good type. Any of the Buffs &/or Blue Laced Reds I've seen were pretty fine boned.
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