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Since I've had a lot of people asking about Vinny and Ollie, my foster ducks, I thought I'd just go ahead and share with everyone- It can get a little tricky trying to pm everyone back

Here's Vinny and Ollie- They are almost 3 years old, hatchday March 8th 2009. They are both Females and both lay huge eggs. they've both had their yearly vet checks already.

Ollie is a female Blue Runner. She's about 4.5lbs (big for a female!). She loves being talked to, especially being told how pretty she is. She doesn't mind being petted, but isn't thrilled about being picked up. She lets me hold her in a towel facing me though. Ollie lays big white eggs. She goes through minor fits of thin spots in her feathers, and the vet thinks it may be her doing it to herself when winter starts. She's never had any major medical issues other than breaking a toe nail. Ollie is chattery, but she doesn't quack really loudly all that often. Ollie will wear a diaper but will fuss with it is she hasn't worn one in awhile. Ollie will walk on a leash as well. Ollie typically likes to be at the top of the pecking order.

Vinny, despite the name and being called a "He", is in fact a female (I just never could switch to calling Vinny a "She"). Vinny is a black runner, but is turning mostly white. Vinny likes being snuggled and petted, and even likes sleeping next to people too. Vinny also likes being picked up and is really calm. He's kind of doofy though and isn't too bright (part of his charm). Vinny had one health issue when he was only 6 months old where he had what seemed to be a minor seizure, but hasn't had any health issues since. Vinny lays big green eggs with a black cuticle. Vinny is a very quiet duck (hence why his original owner thought he was a boy). Vinny is also diaper and leash trained and is less fussy with it. Vinny is pretty chill, but doesn't like to be pushed around.

I've had Vinny and Ollie for about the past year. They used to belong to my old roommate when I lived in AL. Their original owner could not keep them any longer due to moving about for law school. I've kept Vinny and Ollie for as long as I have to get them used to outside living. They were raised inside and were not used to colder/hotter temps, other ducks, etc. They've been socializing with my ducks, living in a pen/coop rather than being diapered all the time, and have been experiencing different weather conditions. They've gotten used to heat and are currently being winterized. They are comfotable being outside and swimming in temps as low as 40 now (It really hasn't gotten much colder than that this winter so far).

Vinny and Ollie are looking for a new home, but they are special ducks with some special requirements:

-They are little lovers! They enjoy being pet/held/talked to/etc. they like human interaction.
-They like being diapered, going in the house, chilling on the couch, napping with their favorite people, following their people around, etc. They also like going to the pet store and riding around in the cart.
-They are not used to being around large flocks and other animals. They are used to a few other ducks, but are nervous around dogs. they'd do well with other runners since they love running around!
-They have no experience when it comes to predators. Since they've been inside their whole lives, I wouldn't feel safe having them live somewhere that wasn't tightly predator proof at night and during the day.
-They are not used to super cold temperatures and may require sleeping inside or a garage at night. Somewhere warmer might be a good idea as well.
-They like ocassional showers in the tub.
-They need a bit more attention from people since they enjoy being around people.
-They have shown interest in mating/brooding but they haven't met a male ducks yet to be their husband, so a new home with a boy duck might be nice!
-They like treats of noodles, lettuce, peas, corn (all the good stuff!) and I know they'd appreciate going to a new home with plenty of treats!

There original owner still gets to see them from time to time, and we both would like to see them go to a new home where we could get updates about them and maybe see pictures from time to time.

If you think you or someone you know might be willing to give these cuties a new forever home, please feel free to post here! I had a home lined up for them, but it was just too far away and too expensive to move them. We currently live right outside of Chicago, and I am more than willing to drive them up to a day away to get them to a new home. Luckily I'm pretty smack dab in the middle of the country, and I have driven 14 hours (over two days) with these guys before (From AL to chicago). If you think you might have a good home for them and have posts of your pen/set up please by all means feel free to pm me or post here!

I'd keep them if I could, but we are a bit cramped on space (we are living with family right now) and once I move out to my own place again, I'll only be able to have two pets. I had always planned on finding them a new home, but I will miss them!

Here's to hoping to find them a new good home!
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Ok well here is my out door set up. They have a whole pen with their house in it and a filtered pond.


The purple thing is their house. The roof lifts so i can clean it and a locking door on the front. I have never had a problem with predators and they are all safe at night.


This is my group of ducks. From left to right you have Killer, Prince, Shelly, Jasmine, Jackson, and the one infront eating is Gizmo. Gizmo is going to new home in a couple of months though.


They have free range of the rest of my back yard during the day. Gizmo, Killer, And Prince are all diaper trained and come inside from time to time when they want to. Killer even had a halloween costume made for halloween.



Their favorite treats are peas, green beans, or grapes. They will eat others to but those are the favorites depending on each duck. Only the 3 that wear diapers are friendly and like to be touched. Killer likes to be held up and pet but that is it. Gizmo Loves to lay on her back in my arms for cuddles and talks while i rub her bill. Killer and Prince also like to come inside from time to time and have showers and play in the falling water. Oh forgot goldfish! Number 1 favorite of all treats. Prince and Killer get sick on car rides so they dont go anywhere. Gizmo likes to go places because she likes the attention from all the people lol.

I have a great home to offer where they will still be spoiled and loved all they want. When i get off work i usually spend most for the rest of the day outside with them or let a couple run around the house. I tend not to diaper them alot when they are inside because i have tile and it is easier to clean up.

If i left anything out and you have questions on anthing else please let me know!

ETA- I am always posting on BYC or can email so keeping in touch would not be a problem at all!
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Thanks for the info so far! I wanted to post this since I had a few people who thought they might be a good fit for the ducks. I figured it was easier posting it here than trying to respond that long message to a bunch of people via PM (the new BYC set up sounds like it will fix that though, exciting!)

We had another mid 40's day here today and they played until it got dark. I brought out peas to see if they remember some of their tricks. They will still jump for peas, though Ollie's pointing training has worn off a bit, lol.

I did observe Ollie mounting Vinny today, and Ollie "Presented" to the ducks yesterday... So much love in the air for all girls ducks in the middle of winter! It's been a really mild winter so far for us (I don't mind!), but soon they will be getting doses of colder weather. They are still laying too, which isn't so bad since I coook up the eggs and let them have them as treats
It was in the 60's here today. Only has gotten as low as the 30's here so far. My white runner Jasmine laid her first egg ever this morning while I was taking pictures for you. That made my day. But my others have stopped at the moment. They also dont know tricks like yours do lol

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