Information on Beans

Nice - thanks!
I'm firing up the crockpot tomorrow for the first beans of the year--our favorite to have them

mix dried red (kidney) and pinto beans & soak overnight in water along w/about a tablespoon of baking soda (this reduces the 'gas' factor)

tomorrow morning, drain & put in crockpot, adding chopped celery, bell pepper, a little garlic, hot sauce, worchestershire, ham bone, chopped ham & sliced smoked sausage, and a can of tomatoes, add a little beef broth (or chicken broth) and can of tomato sauce (if I'm doing a big pot of them) rinsed with water until it covers the beans. a little parsley & creole seasoning & cook all day on low & serve over rice.
Terri, thanks for sharing your bean recipe. We've never had beans like that. Similar, but not with tomatoes. It's been cool here and I think I'll give your recipe a try.

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