Information on Showing - where do I find it?


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Jan 6, 2010
Maybe I've missed this somewhere. I tried searching with no luck. I was wondering what I need to know to show a bird. For instance, does the flock need to be NPIP certified to show? Where do I find a show? How much does it cost? How many birds can you enter? What else do I need to know? I have a little while before I will be showing, since my birds are only 2 months old, but if any of the turn out well, I'd love to give it a try. Just need to know what to do
No, the flock does not need to be NPIP certified. When you get the show catalog it will tell you what tests/paperwork are required for the show.

If you subscribe to Poultry Press, there are a lot of shows advertised there. This website has a pretty good list also:

you contact the show secretary or go to the shows website and get an entry form to fill out. Usually the deadline for entries is 2-3 weeks ahead of the show.

You can usually show as many as you want to pay for. Entries usually run $2-3.50 per bird. Double coops (usually for very large breed roosters or birds with long tails) cost double. If you need help filling it out (ie what class you're in) I'm sure we can help!

If your breed has a club, it is good to join. They will usually send you information of where the special, state, district, and National shows for your breeds are going to be held--it's fun to talk to others who enjoy the same breed.
The birds shown have to have a valid Pullorum Typhiod test and sometimes you need a health certificate to drive through or show in some states, but your entire flock need not be certified. At least as of Nov. when we showed at Ohio National.
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Oh, very good to know. Where do you have testing done? Not even sure who to contact for that. I am raising silkies right now, so that's what I would want to show.

I am a licensed tester here in Arkansas.We go through the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry association.They have a listing of all testers in the state.All you do then is call the one closest to you and most of the time they will come to,or meet you somewhere to test your birds.If your state has something similar then you may start there.Also alot of shows will have a tester there to test birds the day before the show,but most prefer you have it done prior to getting there.Hope that helps.

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