Informational duck signs


Jul 11, 2018
Portland, Oregon
Hi all,
We live in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, and our neighborhood is OBSESSED with our ducks! I'm actually getting a little jealous, because they've become minor local celebrities and constantly have visitors stopping by to "chat" with them/give them treats. :lau

Most people who feed them haved asked for permission first (as well as for examples of their favorite treats). Unfortunately, however, a few days ago I came home to find moldy bread in the backyard. Clearly some people don't understand why this is a problem.

Instead of getting angry and asking people to stop feeding them altogether, I thought it'd be a good idea to use this as a teaching opportunity; clearly the person who gave them moldy bread wasn't trying hurt them, and I like that our ducks are so friendly (the free food is nice, too :cool:). So I printed out an informational sign explaining why feeding bread to ducks isn't ideal, as well as created a sign listing some of their favorite healthy treats. Since it rains so much out here, I laminated both signs and plan to hang them up on our fence where people stop to admire our girls.

Hopefully this approach works, and maybe whomever gave them bread will stop giving it to wild ducks as well.
Very good idea! I really think your neighbors will follow your advice.
When i am at a public park and see people feed bread to the waterfowl i kindly try to educate them that bread isn't good for the birds.
I usually address their competitiveness: It is much more fun to feed them things like lettuce, grapes, unsalted peanuts, green peas and mealworms because the birds will really be excited for those treats and will turn their backs on those bread feeding humans…
Has so far worked all the time.

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