Infrared heaters, who uses one?


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
Spook lives in a total electric home.

Sometimes a very expensive total electric home.

Who uses one of those infrared heaters we hear about?
Do you like them? Did you see a reduction in your electric
bill? And does the the brand make a diffence?

I put two in my parents home. Big house. Like me, total electric.
But they have baseboard heat. I have a two year old heat pump.
Keeps their house toasty. REAL toasty. They both need the
big heat. Stays on 80 degrees. And it keeps their house right
there. But half of their house isn't used. House is too big for them
now. But it's still "home".

Does it really cut the electric bill? I'll have to let you know on that.
I put two "iheaters" in there.

My main thought was for when --not if-- the power goes out, these
units would be easier to power up on the generators. As I said, mom
and dad both need some major heat.

We use them as supplemental heat for the bedrooms that seem extra cold. Doesn't really lessen the electrical bill... We use silicone heaters, or something like that, would have to look it up - but they have a lifetime warranty - one stopped working and we had if for 10 years and they are replacing it.

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