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Jun 26, 2009
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I have a 23 week old chicken that has begun laying eggs. I don't know what type of chicken she is, but she looks like a standard white chicken that lays white eggs. She's on layer feed and has a light in the coop. All day long she has free range over the yard.

My question is: Why does she only lay one egg every week or so?
Some breeds are not great egg-layers. Are you sure she's not hiding them during the day when she free-ranges?
Also, you don't need light in the coop...this may be disrupting her sleep patterns. In addition, the older a hen gets, the less frequently she lays. Do you know with certainty how old she is?
My yard is very small, I check for surprise eggs often. I'm starting to think that she is just not a good layer.

I raised her from two weeks old, her age could only be off by a week or so. You can also tell that she is not laying by her size. Compared to her "sister" of a different breed, she has about two more pounds on her.

I leave have the light in the coop turn on two hrs before sun up and turns off two hours after sun down.

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