injured by unknown criters?

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    Oct 2, 2013
    I'm a new chicken owner. Sorry i never did this before now. They r so loving and we truely enjoy there company. I unfortunatly am learning as i go and i started out this spring with 5 each of golden comets (my favorites) rhode island reds and do not know the name of breed for the other 5, they r black and white and black and brownish orange very unfriendly will not get them again. I have 5 left we have a fox we believe is our calprite. They free range during the day and locked in there coop at night. Before we were locking them up at night when it was extremly hot out we lost one then a few days later 3 at one time then i started locking them up at night and i put a fan in there coop. this past friday during the day while we were at work the fox or weasel not sure yet which attacked during the day and i lost my only rooster and 2 chicks and have a hurt rhode island red. she has no physical signs of injury but can not hold her head up without help then she does long enough to drink but then is so weak she puts her head back down on the floor of the coop. im affraid im loosing her i dont know what to do my vets office was no help they wanted to see her. i work and also refuse to pay to treat a chicken at the vets office i can treat her just need her advice it cannot b that complicated. no more suffering for her im looking for help this morning and really wish i had more wisdom before now i hate to see any animal suffer especially when she counts on me to care for her. i have been told that she may have hit her head or the criter chasing her may have done internal damage so if she is trying to drink her food i have watered down then i feel responsible to try to save her but i cannot lose work and encure unreasonible vet bills for a single chicken. when she can b replaced very easily but i do not want to b cruel if she wants to live. can anyone help me. just learning and did not expect it to b this complicated. thanks the new loving chicken lady
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    Internal injuries or flying into to something in a freight can hurt a chicken. I also would not take my chicken to a vet. I would just put her inside a crate with gentle heat like a lamp or heat pad with an area she can get away from if necessary, and let her be. If there is no improvement by the end of the day, I'd make soup providing there was no external wounds.

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