Injured chick has no control over its leg

Dec 26, 2018
I found one of our chicks all beaten up beside the mother hen.
We put blu kote on all of its peck wounds but it has no control over one of its legs and the poor thing drags its leg behind it...

Is there anything I can do to fix it ?
Sorry about your chick. Is there any movement of the entire leg or toes, or does it seem paralayzed? It is possible that there is nerve damage or it could be a dislocated hip. I just don’t know and do not experience with that sort of thing. I would bring it in, and place it in a brooder with a heat lamp. You could try to nurse it in a chick chair or sling, and see if there is any improvement, but I fear that the chick might not survive with that sort of injury. If you could see a vet that would be best.
Glad that she is doing much better after the splinting. She still looks to have that right leg pointing out to the side, but as long as she can walk and get around to her food and water, that is great. Could you post another picture here on this thread of her later on when she has grown some? It would be great to compare with her earlier pictures for others dealing with this problem.

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