Injured chicken leg - no visible reason why - NEED HELP!! please


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Nov 24, 2015
Mt Eliza, Victoria, Australia

I have a 2 month old Bantam Rock (Sparkle) who jumped out of my arms the other day. She seemed fine initially apart from a bit of a stumble and then a day later she was dragging her leg and getting all out of balance dragging her wing. I've have had her in a sling since yesterday and she keeps trying to move around in it - which panics me every time she does. Her feet aren't touching the ground - should they be???? She is eating ok but not wanting to take water. She seems to be sleeping a lot, and keeps her eyes shut when I stroke her back or wave some water in front of her beak - then she will suddenly open her eyes and start eating. I am very worried about her but when I check her legs she doesn't seem in much pain when I move them around. One of her feet is very floppy. Is it normal for them to be cold? The top of her legs seem a normal temperature. I honestly don't know what to do - I am nursing her but feel like I don't know what I'm nursing.

Any opinions would be appreciated - I haven't stopped googling since yesterday but I don't feel as though I am really getting anywhere :-(

Firstly, welcome to BYC!

Sorry to hear about Sparkle! :hugs It definitely sounds like she's hurt her leg. It could be broken, but it's hard to tell without a picture. If you could get a picture, that would definitely help. You should feel the leg for any lumps or swollen bits, to figure where the leg is hurt.If the leg is broken, it needs a splint and she needs to rest somewhere dark and quiet (like in a pet carrier) with food and water. Then, if she doesn't heal up, you may have to take her to an avian vet. So, you should look into finding a good vet (if you haven't already).
Sorry to hear about your bantam hen. She could have suffered a break or bad sprain anywhere from the foot up to the hip. The floppy cold foot sounds like she may have suffered some nerve damage. If she is struggling a lot, it might be better to allow her feet to touch the ground, or let her lie down in a small cage with food and water. I would put some vitamins or vitamin B Complex in her water. Let us know how she gets along. Here is a good link to read about broken bones and splinting in birds:
This is going to sound horrible. Frankly it is. My hen had her leg chewed clean OFF by my Pyrenees puppy who decided for one week only she was going to eat chickens. It happened to be the week I was in Chicago playing the part of maid of honor for my best friend. Everyone told me to put the hen down because she was suffering. I told them she looked very alert in her eyes and she was eating and drinking so I was going to just leave her be and see if she could heal herself. In my experience chickens can be quite tough birds. She is completely healed and her new name is Eileen. (I-lean). I know, totally messed up... Maybe you should let your little one get around best she can and know she will always have a limp. Maybe if you let her walk around she will get some circulation down in the foot. Circulation is necessary for healing damaged tissue.
Thanks everyone for your posts, but unfortunately I had to put Sparkle down :-( She wasn't drinking any water and couldn't move at all - she was in so much pain and very uncomfortable and was going downhill quickly. I'm sure she will be flapping around happily in chicken heaven.

Feeling heartbroken but comforted to know she is out of her misery :-(

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