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    Hi. I am new to this site, which is wonderful! And also to owning chickens. One of my hens was attacked by something on Saturday night. She is missing all her feathers and skin on her back. I was amazed to have found her alive. She has started drinking some water. I have given her some yogurt and scrambled egg. She is inside. I cleaned her wound with a diluted Betadine solution two days then a saline wash every day since , sprayed some vetericyn on it twice a day. She is much more alert. The wound doesn't look infected but I noticed several specks of black in the area this am. Is this dead skin? I am looking for any input you experienced chicken owners can give me. Should I just keep up with the saline wash and vetericyn? Help! Thanks
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    If the black you see is not scabbing or just some debris stuck on the wound, then I would agree that it is dead tissue. I wish I knew of an easy way to reduce dead tissue or debride a wound. You might find if you use something like neosporin over the wound it will keep it from drying out and will make for less dead tissue. I use vetericyin, too, but more for cleaning the wound. Then I tend cover or pack the wound with the neosporin ointment which keeps it from drying out. Chickens start growing back their skin pretty quickly compared to humans, so hopefully any dead tissue won't interfere with the healing.
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