Injured duck - Leg Was Tied - Photo attached

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Got home and marched out to the coop with gloves on and a bottle of lube, only to find homegirl chilling under the adarodnack chair like nothing was wrong.

Found an egg in the yard near where I set her up for the day.

She doesn't seem to be quite herself and refused peas, though she is drinking. I might put her in the small coop overnight with another gal to make sure it's not the boys and their hormones that're aggravating her now.
Thank goodness she laid.

Might be a good idea to give her some time away from the boys.. She'll most likely appreciate it and having a friend with her will help.
Can you see any abuse on her neck? that is usually a good way to tell if she is getting more attention than she needs.


Apr 11, 2016
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Oh my gosh so sorry @dotknott . Any ideas what it was?
Sadly, no. I suppose it's possible that there was a puncture wound that I didn't find when cleaning her. I kept the one I knew about clean, but if there was another one it could have gotten infected. That may explain why she seemed okay for a few weeks then suddenly went downhill.

Thank you @Miss Lydia and @DwayneNLiz .
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