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    Aug 25, 2014
    Hi, i need help with a duck i have. Had 2 left unattended outside overnight while out of town(my instructions of care werent followed). One Peking was killed and his life partner was pretty shaken. Not too much noticible damage, back of her head and neck seemed to be picked or pecked at a little, but the little fella is still active and awake(but very lonely) pictured attached, i am from summit IL, willowbrook wildlife turned her down due to her being a domestic breed, lady said she has a good chance of survival but she couldnt legally care for it(****INGBULLSHIT). Any and all help is very appreciated, this poor little one is scared and lonely.[​IMG]





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    Pedialite can help keep the duck hydrated. I'm sure others have more detailed care instructions to help the darker duck heal.
  3. Continue to give her lots of attention, as much as you can. However, if she wants to have some alone time also let her. Keep her wounds clean. I am not sure about antiseptics but someone on here will chime in I hope. When things have settled a little more look into getting her a female companion duck about the same age. I suggest female simply because at that age a Drake may try to mate with her and it looks like her wounds are on the back of her head and neck which would be awful in mating. Good luck. I am really sorry about your loss. And, while I understand the wildlife centers argument they should/could have suggested a animal rescue that could help. South of me here in Texas is a place called S.A.R.A. that rescues animals. They started with dogs and now take farm animals as well. They never turn away a needy animal and currently have several hundred critters in there care. All volunteer and all donation support. Surely there is a place near you like that. Do a Google for Summit Ill Animal Rescue...there are over a hundred listed, don't know how many might take a duck but if you can not keep her it might be worth a try.
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    I would get the duck into a tub of lukewarm water, let her float around, look over carefully for hidden puncture wounds - check around the vent, under the wings.

    Saline solution is very good for cleaning out wounds. So is Vetericyn. If you find a wound, clip the feathers around it with nail clippers so you can really see and treat the wound.

    Be prepared to start giving oral antibiotics - some ducks do not need them some do.

    I would give vitamins with electrolytes twice a week for two weeks to help the system heal.

    A safe, quiet place for a few days, perhaps with an unbreakable mirror, and yes, start looking for a companion.

    Keep the duck away from flies - they will lay eggs in any open wounds.

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