Injured eye (bacterial infection)? Any advice on treatment?

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Nov 9, 2015
I noticed wet feathers around my easter-eggers eye last week but didnt think much of it because her eye looked fine, in fact it looked fine up until yesterday but I found her like this today. I'm new to chickens so I've never experienced this before.

The eye is usually closed but she opened it during this photo moment and you can see the swollen skin as well as some bubbling. Suggestions?? Thank you!!

Are both eyes swollen like that? Any other respiratory issues like runny nose, wheezing, gasping for air?

If both eyes are swollen like this, I would think this is some sort of sinus or respiratory type issue going on. The beginnings of MG maybe. It doesn't appear to be an eye infection, at least not the eye infections I have seen.

Anyone else want to add to this??

For now, I would start this bird on some antibiotics. Some Tylan or Duramycin and see if she doesn't improve.
Hey, I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to know what happened to your gal, paulsarge. What did you do for her? We have a chick who's eyes look like that.

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