Injured gosling recovering


8 Years
May 25, 2011
after losing its sibling 2 days ago after our dog did some extreme "mothering", the remaining gosling was in a pretty poor way. However I have been dressing her wounds with eqyss microtek aloe gel and it went

from this DAY 1

to this Day 3

She is now in with the ducklings, for company, as she seemed to be getting withdrawn being on her own. She has settled in well and the ducklings have been really good and not pecked at her or anything. The other puncture wounds behind her thigh are also healing nicely... it was our first hatch, so they are kind of special...
Glad she is doing better. Wish the pictures were uploaded to BYC--I don't do facebook so I missed seeing the pictures.
thought they were links everyone could see- sorry!

Day of injury- clipped feathers/down to see better

Gel applied with a tummy rub!
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Poor baby. Looks like she got pretty roughed up. It is sad to lose one when you have so much time and emotion invested in them.
I was able to view the links just fine...your baby is making good progress. Great Job. So sorry about the ohter little one. Things like that happen sometimes - keep us posted.

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