Injured Hen... possible Stroke? Legbar problem?


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5 Years
Jul 2, 2014
Upstate New York
Arwen is a 1 year old cream legbar. Recently she stopped laying and was limping but getting around reasonably well. I thought at first I might have stepped on her foot accidentally as they all rush me when I enter their space -- looking for treats and petting. But she got worse. Her left wing droops and she doesn't put any weight on the leg (also left). She has been laying down with her neck stretched out and eyes closed a lot. I've been making sure she gets food and water because she isn't getting around and everyone else rushes the food. She sat in my lap tonight for a good hour getting petted. She doesn't seem to be in any pain, there are no wounds or hot spots. She doesn't have bumble foot. She let me palpate her and both legs feel the same, but she doesn't grasp my finger with her claws on the affected side. She is eating and drinking, and her crop felt full tonight, though she has gotten thinner. The other chickens aren't bothering her. Does anyone have any suggestions? She's one of my favorites, and my only blue egg layer and I would hate to lose her. None of the other chickens are having problems. Her sister last year died at about six months old. She started out limping as well. The other one was a sport color. Arwen has the traditional coloring. Thanks in advance!

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