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Sep 25, 2013

I have been reading this duck forum for a couple months now. I have learned a lot from all of you. Thank you. But now I need your help. I have two 3 month old Khaki Campbells named Mac and Cheese.

I went to run an errand just now, and came back. My bf (soon to be ex) was at the side the house and I heard a loud quack, and the both ran off to their pen and hid. Well low and behold he came walking up with a broom in his hand and said some not nice things. The reason he hit her is because she is going in the road all the time and was teaching her a lesson in not going in the road. I have a vet appointment in 45 minutes.

Chesse is hurt. She is limping and can barley put any weight on her leg. Right now she is in the pool. I feed her some peas along with Mac. She ate quite a few.

I am very devastated right now. I hope she will be ok. Is there anything else I can do to make her more comfortable and ease the pain.

My big boy Mac is ok but shaken. These are the only 2 ducks I have and have raised them from a couple days old. I am upset and can barely type. Can anyone please help?

Mac is on the left. Cheese on the right
Sad this has happened what Celtic said is good advise, please let us know what the vet say's.

I can understand concern for the ducks getting into the road but this is not the way to go about teaching them.
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just left the vet. really good vet. just a good bruise nothing is broke. Said she would be a little stiff in the am. I am so happy crying again.

Yes I do know that is not a way to teach ducks. What he did was just awful. I am teaching them the word no and they understand it with me since I am around them all the time. With him not so much. They only deal with him when they have too when I am not around, other wise it is mom the deal with.
I am glad that prayers were answered.

She may benefit from twice-daily lukewarm baths deep enough to float in, and some Epsom salt compresses. It is good for bruises and sprains for people and ducks.

Do what you need to do to keep them safe.

Welcome to the Duck Forum. Your ducks are beautiful.
Thank you. I am sorry did not introduce myself first. You people are wonderful. Like I have said I have learned alot from all of you. :) Please keep up the good work.
Mercy, no apologies necessary! You had an emergency. Sometimes I forget the niceties, just jump right in listing off things I would do and asking questions, and then I realize I didn't even say hello or welcome.

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