Injured Peahen


8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
Summerville ,SC
My peahen has some type of injury at the base of her throat/beginning of chest. I did not see for at least a couple months due to belief that she was molting and I had just bought her and she hid in the bushes. Now she isn't as frightened and I have seen this deep wound and maybe hole or crack in her chest.. I cannot catch her until husband gets off at 6:00, well 6:30. Will try to take pictures but scared it will be too dark. How much Tylan per gallon is she supposed to get and should I spray the injured area wound cote?
If it is an old injury and does not look infected or have an oder leave it alone and don't worry about the antibiotics, if she is loose all the time you will just stress her for no reason séance she is already on the backside of this if it is old.

Get us some photos if you are going to catch her anyhow, maybe we can help you identify what might have caused the injury.
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