Injured quail


10 Years
Mar 9, 2009
Skagit County, NW Washington
I have an 8'x8' pen in my back yard that I have my current 6 quail in (5 hens, 1 rooster). Yesterday, we had a red-tailed hawk terrorizing them. I don't know for how long as I was in town. When I went out there after the hawk flew away, all 6 of them had injuries on their faces right above their beaks. I am guessing from trying to fly out and hitting the wire. I have 1/2'' hardware cloth for the pen sides (and bottom under the shavings so nothing digs it's way in). And, one quail was on her side (thought she was dead). I moved her and she perked up a bit and sat up - but today, she was on her side again, looking like she was dead. I set her upright and she kept falling over to the left. Could it be head injury? Should I just put her out of her misery or is it possible she can recover? She was at the opposite side of the pen, so she DID move during the night. Don't know if she's eating/drinking though.
Head injury is the most probable cause. Nerve damage from lack of water can cause the same symptoms too. Head injuries can heal if you pamper them a bit, but it only works in some cases. If you're really attached separate her and give her plenty of food and water, if she won't eat feed her whatever she will eat (within reason but try meal worms, crackers, seeds, anything.

Otherwise cull and process while it's still safe, versus potentially finding her dead and having to throw out good meat.
thanks, I think I will go ahead and process her tomorrow if she doesn't look better. I am not attached. I have a few young roosters in the freezer - probably adding her with those will make enough for a full meal now.

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