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Jun 7, 2009
Hi im new to this forum but i need help from experience chicken owners. K this is wat happened. I had a hole (about the size of a CD) in the bottom corner of my chicken coop and on the other side was another rooster. I had forgotten about the hole and received a call from my brother in-law while i was at home that two of my roosters where injured very bad. I went to his house where my rooster was located and checked the injuries. He had a big cut to his right botttom side cheek and the inside of his mouth was all cut up. The skin was torn form his right beak and is now hanging from his cheek. I cleaned him with peroxide and put Neosporin on his face and cheek but not inside of his mouth. Its been about 6 days now and his cheeks are still alittle swollen and the skin inside is mouth that was damaged is now dying (his breath smells like rotting flesh and there is sign of dead skin falling off). I really like this rooster and only had him for 2 days. I dont want him to go. He is now in a cage at my house. He does not eat so i am feeding him wet smashed down pelletes and water. My question is can anyone tell me the best way to take care of him and will his right check skin fully recover to cover his beak again? Oh yea, he is active and moving around and still crows. Here are the pics of his injures.




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If he survives, he will grow scar tissue on the cheek. You need to clean the wound once or twice a day and keep applying Neosporin. It would probably be good to add some supplements to his feed: a little live culture plain yogurt mixed with his feed, and some infant vitamin drops without iron would be good. A little extra protein would also be good; scrambled egg works well.

You may get lots of other suggestions for supplements and wound care, but the main thing is that you need to keep cleaning the wound to get that dead tissue to slough off and control infection. The peroxide is as good as anything, as long as there is dead tissue. Later, mix a tsp of nonidoized salt with a quart of boiled water and use this (normal saline) for cleaning. Not much you can do about the injury inside the mouth except keep feeding him and getting him to drink water. Insides of mouths have good blood supplies, so they usually heal pretty well on their own. Some would get an antibiotic from the feed store, such as Tylan or penicillin. Might not be necessary at this point.

Since he has survived this long, hopefully he will make it.

Good luck.
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What dawn says is exactly correct.

Keep feeding him, keep the wound areas clean by carefully washing with DILUTE hydrogen peroxide and water, and putting on neosporin.

Keep us posted and

So glad you are here!
I would give him a few drops of Penn G two times a day too. I had a hen that my neighbor's dog attacked. She had a really bad leg injury. I kept it clean and used Penn G for a week. After 3wks, her leg had pretty much healed up, but she always did limp for the rest of her life.
The boy hurt himself pretty bad, huh? Hard to tell in fights like that if the injuries are from the other rooster or from the wire. I keep Corona on hand for such as that. It`s an antibiotic ointment available in the equine section at your feed store. One application should do it. It`s the best stuff I`ve ever found for any injury. The other thing I do is give them a little feed cup filled with Colloidal Silver. It`s a liquid, all natural antibiotic available at most health food stores. Kinda pricey, but I use it on me also. These two items should help the boy recover. I agree that the cheek should grow scar tissue and look somewhat normal. Nice head on the boy........Pop
Thanks for the information guys. I just got up (stayed up late trying to find solutions) and I'm going to clean his wounds and feed him again. I pretty sure his injuries are self inflicted cause when they try to peck at each other they where hittig the wall with their head. I'll keep you guys posted on his condition.

Thanks again

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